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What is Liver Cancer?

Liver cancer is one of the frequently reported cancers across the globe and is mostly related to lifestyle and dietary habits. The most common causes of Liver cancer in the World are an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, genetic predisposition, and alcohol abuse.

Liver cancer can either start in the cells of the Liver or can spread to the Liver from other organs which are affected with Cancer. The former is designated as Primary Liver cancer and the latter as Secondary Liver Cancer

Liver cancer screening is advised in individuals who carry an increased risk of developing cancer or the individuals who have impaired Liver function or are diagnosed with Cirrhosis of Liver. The diagnostic tests used for diagnosis of Liver Cancer include Laparoscopy, Biopsy, Radiological investigations like CT scan, MRI scan and Blood investigations.
Liver cancer is primarily treated by surgical removal of the cancerous tumor, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy or a combination of any.

The timely diagnosis and appropriate planning of treatment plays a very important role in improving the overall outcome of Liver Cancer and is a step towards reducing the global burden of the disease.