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What is Brain Cancer?

The Cancer which affects the brain and its components is referred to as Brain cancer. The Brain is a complex organ with very complex tissues. Though understanding the anatomy and functioning of brain is a difficult task, a brief information about the parts of the brain can help in developing a better and detailed understanding of Brain Cancer.

A few risk factors which can predispose an individual for Brain Cancer are older age group (individuals above 4th decade of life), family history of Cancer, exposure to ionizing radiation, toxins in the environment, smoking to name a few.

Brain cancer is one of the most difficult cancers to diagnose as they are detected at a very later stage. Diagnosis of Brain Cancer can be made by an MRI scan, CT scan, PET scan and biopsy of the brain tissue. Brain cancer is primarily treated by chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgical removal of the cancerous tumor or a combination of any. The newer technology in the treatment of Brain cancer is the Stereotactic Surgery or Gamma Knife surgery.

The timely diagnosis and appropriate planning of treatment plays a very important role in improving the overall outcome of Brain Cancer.